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Die Stadt Wien hat mit ihrer Abteilung für Integration und Diversität (MA 17) ein umfangreiches, vielfältiges Paket für Sie geschnürt, um Sie bei Ihrem Einstieg in Wien zu unterstützen. Machen Sie davon Gebrauch! Wir freuen uns auf Sie.

Make a start coaching appointment and find out when the next German courses and information modules are: Ph. 01/90 500 36 - 04

Information modules

The information modules are events where you receive information from experts in your native language or another language you feel comfortable with. The modules deal with a number of useful topics to help you find your way around Vienna better and faster. They are also a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

After attending one of these events you will receive a stamp on one of your language vouchers and another one in your education booklet to confirm your participation. The stamp makes the voucher valid and you can use it to pay for a German course at one of the certified course providers.

Please bring your education booklet to every event.
Remember to have your participation confirmed in your education booklet at the end of the module.

If you want to know when the next events will be held, please phone 01/90 500 36 – 01 (German) or 01/90 500 36 – 04 (English). You can also find the next dates online at



StartWien – Profession

If you want to work in Austria, we recommend the career counseling for newly arrived migrants offered by the Vienna Employment Promotion Fund (waff). There you will receive career counseling and information on how to gain access to the labour market in a number of languages. The employees of waff will ask you what qualifications you have, where you have worked before and discuss your career plans and wishes with you. After this appointment you will receive a letter by post with a German translation of the information you provided. Please bring this letter to your first appointment at the Public Employment Service (AMS). It will greatly help you and your counsellor at the AMS to determine your next steps.

StartWien – Recognition of qualifications

Do you have a school or university degree, have you completed vocational training, did you work in your country of origin? In this module you will get information on how to get your qualifications and degrees recognized in Austria. You will receive individual advice and counseling on all relevant issues at the Recognition and continuing education counseling centre of waff. As this is an individual counseling session, please make an appointment with the Recognition and continuing education counseling centre (competence centre) by phone: 01/58 58 019. Counseling by appointment only.

StartWien – Residence matters (only for Integration Agreement)

This module discusses legal matters concerning residence in Austria (e.g. renewing your permit, types of residence permits, etc.) and provides information on acquiring the Austrian citizenship.

StartWien – Living together

Here you have the opportunity to meet someone who is originally from your country and has lived in Vienna for a long time. You can discuss your experiences in Vienna in your native language and talk about your first impressions of the city and the people who live here with others who are familiar with your situation. You will also receive valuable information on how to Deal with everyday life in Vienna. This module will help you start your „new“ life in this city with less stress and more confidence.

StartWien – Health care

At this event you will get answers to important questions concerning health care in your native language: How can I get insurance? What is the E-Card? Are there physicians in Vienna who speak my language? What should I do if I become pregnant? What is a mother child pass („Mutter-Kind-Pass“)? Which vaccinations are important? What can I do if I fall ill on the weekend or at night? What should I do if my child is injured? Which emergency numbers should I know? When should I call the ambulance? When should I go to an outpatient clinic at the hospital? Which medical treatments do I have to pay for even if I have insurance? What health care services are there in Vienna?

StartWien – Education

Here you will receive important information about education and child care: Where can I get day care for a child under 3 years while I am at work? From which age can my child go to kindergarten? What kinds of kindergartens are there in Vienna? Where can I register my child for kindergarten? How much does day care cost? What is preschool? What is the starting age of compulsory education in Austria and how long does it last? How do I register my child for school? What should I do if I have a school age child who will come to Vienna during the school year? Where can children get help with learning German? What should I know about the school system in Vienna in general? What types of schools are there? What kinds of financial support can kindergarten and school children get? Where can I get more information on specific questions? What services are there for parents with school age children in Vienna?

StartWien – Housing

At this event you will receive information about housing in Vienna in your native language.
What should I consider when searching for a fl at? Where can I search for flats? What kinds of flats are there (renting or buyinga fl at, housing cooperatives)? What are housing categories („Wohnungskategorien“)? What types of lease agreements are there? What is the rent („Mietzins“) and what are operating costs („Betriebskosten“)? What does the property management („Hausverwaltung“) do? When should I contact the property management? What exactly are the security deposit („Kaution“), compensation for investments („Ablöse“) and agent‘s commission („Maklergebühr“)? How and when can a lease be terminated? What are the rules of tenancy? How does waste separation work? Who can I contact if I have questions about tenancy law?

StartWien – Working environment

What is the Chamber of Labour and what are its tasks? The Chamber of Labour (“Arbeiterkammer” or “AK”) has more than 3 million members in Austria. The Vienna Chamber of Labour has 800,000 members. It provides its members with free advice in many important areas (labour law, social insurance, and much more). The Chamber of Labour also provides financial support for further training via its education voucher in the amount of 100 Euros per year (“AK Bildungsgutschein”). During the information module we will provide you with information about the following topics: Labour law – What if I get fired? What is a notice of termination (“Kündigung”) or dismissal (“Entlassung”)? How many holidays am I entitled to per year?; Unemployment benefit (“Arbeitslosengeld”); Emergency welfare benefit (“Notstandshilfe”) – Who is eligible for emergency welfare benefit? How long is this benefit paid for? Do you have to attend further training courses to be eligible?; Social insurance (“Sozialversicherung”) – What is work accident insurance (“Unfallversicherung”)? Who is eligible for pension payments? What amount of pension can you get? What is an equalisation supplement reference rate (“Ausgleichszulagenrichtsatz”)? All these topics are very important for you to know if you work in Austria. Everyone who works or wants to work in Austria needs this information. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have during the information module. If we cannot answer some of your questions immediately you are welcome to arrange a personal appointment with the Chamber of Labour.

StartWien – Business Start-ups

Information from the Vienna Business Agency regarding business start-ups
The Vienna Business Agency (Wirtschaftsagentur Wien) provides you with information and support if you plan to start your own business in Vienna. The service point " Migrant Enterprises” offers support and information in many languages. You receive valuable information about business start-ups, financing, dealing with authorities, and an overview of reasonably priced office space. After a first individual appointment you can also attend multilingual workshops on business-related topics such as bookkeeping, taxes, and marketing. Please contact  Migrant Enterprises directly for a first individual appointment at phone +43 1 25200 713 or e-mail Please always contact “Migrant Enterprises” in advance to make an appointment!