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Die Stadt Wien hat mit ihrer Abteilung für Integration und Diversität (MA 17) ein umfangreiches, vielfältiges Paket für Sie geschnürt, um Sie bei Ihrem Einstieg in Wien zu unterstützen. Machen Sie davon Gebrauch! Wir freuen uns auf Sie.

Make a start coaching appointment and find out when the next German courses and information modules are: Ph. 01/90 500 36 - 04

Vienna education booklet partners

Municipal Department 17 – Integration and Diversity (MA 17)

MA 17 is the department of the Vienna City Administration in charge of initiating measures and projects to improve equality and provide equal opportunities for migrants. The department helps all residents of Vienna to find the best way of living together as good neighbors.

In addition to promoting language acquisition and diversity measures, MA 17 supports projects that provide advice, counseling, support and empowerment for migrants, strengthen their participation in society, and promote intercultural sensitivity and competence. A special focus of the department is on maintaining close ties and regular communication with migrant organizations and associations.

Address: 1080 Wien, Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 3
Phone number: 01/4000 81510

The Vienna education booklet, which is funded by MA 17, is your guide to all things concerning employment and education in Vienna.

Municipal Department 35 – Immigration and Citizenship (MA 35)

Municipal Department 35 is responsible for immigration and all matters regarding Austrian citizenship. If you have any questions regarding your residence in Austria, please contact the MA 35.

Vienna Employment Promotion Fund (waff)

The Vienna Employment Promotion Fund (waff) has been established by the City of Vienna to pursue active labour market policies. waff provides information and advice about jobs and job opportunities and supports further training measures. Waff also provides career counseling for newly arrived migrants. The information event is held in several languages and provides

migrants with information about their rights, duties and opportunities on the Austrian labour market. Newly arrived migrants who have free access to the labour market or who will have free access to the labour market in the next six months will greatly benefit from this comprehensive first-time information event. Career counseling is available in Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Bulgarian, Chinese, German, English, Farsi, Hindi/Punjabi, Polish, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian.

During your start coaching session with MA 17 ask about the next information event in your mother tongue to benefit from the career counseling service of waff.

Address: 1020 Wien, Nordbahnstraße 36/Stiege 1/3. Stock (right)
Phone number: 01/217 48 555

The services of waff are available for you at any time also after your first-time career counseling. The team of waff will be glad to answer any questions you may have about jobs, job opportunities and support for further training measures.

Beratungszentrum für Migranten und Migrantinnen, Anerkennungs- und Weiterbildungsberatungsstelle

Perspektive – information centre for further training and recognition of qualifications Information Centre for Migrants

The information centre provides you with information about the “rules” on the Austrian labour market, about jobs and job descriptions that may vary from your country of origin, about further training measures and ways to finance them, and about the recognition of qualifications acquired abroad.

The centre also provides career counseling, guidance regarding (further) training measures. The staff of the centre also supports you in your (further) training measures and in getting the recognition of qualifications acquired abroad.

The service is offered in German Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Public Employment Service Austria (AMS)

The Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) is Austria’s leading provider of labour-market related services. It matches candidates with job openings and assists jobseekers and companies by offering advice, information, qualification opportunities and financial assistance.

As soon as you have a work permit and want to begin working, you can contact the AMS branch office for your district and register as a jobseeker.

Phone number: 01/878 71

Vienna Chamber of Labour

The Vienna Chamber of Labour (“Arbeiterkammer Wien” or “AK Wien”) has about 800,000 members. All waged employees (“Arbeiter”), salaried employees (“Angestellte”) and all persons with a freelance employment contract (“freie Dienstnehmer”) in Vienna are members of the Vienna Chamber of Labour. The Vienna Chamber of Labour represents the professional, economic, social and cultural interests of its members. The members also receive free advice and representation in case of labour law and social law issues, and in many other work-related areas. The Vienna Chamber of Labour also provides its members with financial support in the form of an education voucher (“Bildungsgutschein”) if they pursue further vocational training. The central office of the Vienna Chamber of Labour is located in Prinz Eugen Straße 20-22 in Vienna’s 4th district. In addition, there are service centers in the districts of Ottakring, Floridsdorf and Liesing.

Phone number: 01/50165 - 0

Vienna Economic Chamber

The Vienna Economic Chamber is the statutory representative of the more than 110,000 Viennese entrepreneurs and businesses and supports its members in important issues, ranging from consulting for start-ups, legal advice and advice on social insurance to helping them initiate cooperation efforts and create networks. Some 70,000 persons – self-employed, gainfully employed and apprentices – attend the many training and further education institutions of the organisation, making the Vienna Economic Chamber one of the largest education providers in Austria. This makes the Vienna Economic Chamber a competent service point not only for entrepreneurs and business start-ups, but also for those who want to benefit from one of the largest and most comprehensive training and further education services in Austria. Visit our homepage to find out more about the different services.

Phone number: 01/514 50 1050

Vienna Business Agency

The Vienna Business Agency has actively supported the development of the business location Vienna for more than 30 years. It is the first contact point for Austrian and international businesses, and provides funding, real estate, start-up activities and individual advice. Entrepreneurs with a migration background have their own contact point at the Vienna Business Agency: Migrant Enterprises, which provides information and advice in many languages. All services of the Vienna Business Agency are provided free of charge.

Interface Wien

Interface Vienna is a non-profit organization in Vienna which supports the overall social integration of young people, parents and children with an immigrant background.
Through educational measures and provision of information and advice, Interface Vienna focuses on improving the basic and key skills in the aim of strengthening the ability and willingness to an equal participation, in order to contribute to the good living together of all in Vienna.
Interface Vienna provides a variety of offers including:

• Basic educational, language and orientation courses for young people and young adults
• Programs for parents and children
• Start support for persons eligible for asylum or with subsidiary protection status
• Language courses and integration measures for the labor market

For more information about the courses and seeking advice from Interface Vienna please visit our website:

Address: 1040 Vienna, Paulanergasse 3/1
Phone number: +43 1 524 50 15 0

Die Wiener Volkshochschulen

Die Wiener Volkshochschulen (VHS) are the biggest adult education provider in Austria and are present all over Vienna. It is the task of the Volkshochschulen to make education easily accessible to all people. This is why courses at the VHS can be attended regardless of previous education, social status or background. You find more than 20.000 courses, workshops and training courses annually in different domains: Languages, Basic Education and Access to higher Education, Economics and Personal Development, IT and Multimedia Technology, Nature and Environment, Arts and Culture, Politics and Society, Wellbeing and Physical Exercise, Children and Parents.

You can find information on our courses on our website

Address: Die Wiener Volkshochschulen GmbH - 1090 Wien, Lustkandlgasse 50
Phone number: 01-893 00 83